Hillwoods has a world-class campus spread over 5 acres with infallible system. 24 hour security of the campus is ensured through strategically located surveillance cameras & CCTV monitoring. The school campus has been aesthetically designed with multimedia library, computer lab, music room, science park, academic infrastructure, which is at par with international standards. Hillwoods the common projector room with a screen, computer and a few indoor games like chess and carom board, and outdoor sports like skating, karate etc, assists in their recreation.


ClassRoom Our classrooms have specially made designed furniture, well lit. The tables and benches are carefully made to ensure that the edges are round and smooth so that it cannot hurt the children. It has further been ensured that the furniture is comfortable enough for the child. Effective classroom management creates an environment that is conducive to teaching and learning. . All academic program and activities help the students to develop self confidence and disciplined way of life.



ClassRoom We strongly believe that books are a man’s best friend. A library endowed with thousands of articles and books carves out an impeccable amalgamation of wholesome knowledge provided to all the students. A huge collection of books by acclaimed writers of various genres is available to children at the Hillwoods Library. This encourages and inculcates in them a love for reading that not only provides sheer joy but also further develops and enhances many skills in them.

Computer Lab

ClassRoom The Computer lab is located at Ground floor of the Left Block to familiarize and enable the little ones from classes I to VIII to use the computer effectively as per the standards of the class.

The lab is equipped with computer systems,

  • blackboard and UPS.
  • Each system has windows 2007 as operating system.
  • All systems are loaded with
      • MS OFFICE
      • MS LOGO

Science Park

ClassRoom Science Park is nothing but a cluster of open air Science gadgets installed permanently all meant for play way learning of science. Science Park is an innovative concept of teaching Science in an informal way. The basic concept of science park enhancing the tendency of the children to play more than to read.

In a Science Park, aesthetically designed and ruggedly fabricated science gadgets are installed permanently to benefit every user by covering many topics in science. To name a few, mechanics, sound, light, meteorology, heat etc.. are the fields covered by science park gadgets. Apart from pure science, Mathematics, Applied Science, Geography etc., are also covered in these interactive exhibits.

List of Gadgets

  • Perception of depth
  • Primary and Secondary colour
  • Solar Powered radio
  • Straight bar passing parabola
  • Anemometer
  • Humidity meter
  • Thermometer
  • Geodesic dome
  • Hydroelectric power plant
  • Centrifugal force


ClassRoom Teamwork. Dedication. Self-confidence. Being involved in athletics is an experience with life-changing outcomes. School is proud to offer many opportunities for our students to become involved in athletics by undertaking various activities such as aerobics ,karate and Skating with an object to create healthy human assets .

  • Aerobics
  • Karate
  • Skating
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Athletics


MusicThe musical talent of students is explored and honed in various genres of Indian and Western Music. Training in Vocal Music as well as Instrumental Music form part of the student's repertoire.


DanceThe limitless imagination of creative minds finds artistic expression in the Art class room. Students are introduced to various Art forms and styles as the aesthetic aptitude is finely tuned and given direction.



Activity Room

Activity RoomThe attractive ambience of the Activity room involves the tiny tots in diverse activities which help the little minds to bloom and grow. Hillwoods Academy now a days is involved with undertaking weekly activities like clay modeling, vegetable painting, origami, theater etc.




InfirmaryHillwoods has a separate Infirmary which includes beds, and all required medicines for emergency. In keeping with the policy of healthy eating the school does not provide 'junk food' and aerated drinks.

Medical aid is given to all the students whether it is a sports injury or any other ailment. Adequate provision is kept to provide first aid and in emergency students taken to specialists in a hospital.

The toilets are cleaned and sanitized . This helps prevent germs and keep the toilets infection free.



Magic Show

Magic Show

Summer Camp

Summer Camp



Our Campus

Hillwoods Academy

HS-30, Eta-I, Gulmohar Estate, Greater Noida
Phone: 0120–3192988, 9999083483
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The School places a high value on academic accomplishment. Program pays particular care to the basic skills through subject teaching including a phonics based approach to languages and the learning of basic mathematics, there is a diverse extra curriculum program including Music, Drama, Art, Sport and Environmental Sciences.

The academic progress of each student is monitored regularly and comprehensive reports are prepared quarterly. Parent Teacher interaction is not formal and parents can meet the respective class teachers on every Saturday however formal parent teacher meeting is organized monthly.

The Junior wing of school focuses on laying the foundations of learning with a particular emphasis on developing languages skills. Mathematics & Scientific foundations are laid through work in number facts, measurement, problem solving using analytical skills and logical relationships.


An application for registration is the first stage of the admission process. At the time of submission of form, a photocopy of the Birth certificate duly attested by a gazetted officer and two photographs of the student applicant are to be attached with the form.

A registration fee must be deposited along with the Application so that the child's name may be entered in the school record & waiting list for the year & class for which admission is sought. This fee is neither refundable nor adjustable. Registration of a student is by no means a guarantee of his/her admission.

Every registered child will have to take an Entrance Examination. After clearing the written test, the child along with his/her parent will be expected to interact with teachers, which will be the final round for clearing the admission test.

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